Savtec- Business design consultant

Savtec is not like everybody else. And I mean that in a very positive way. When other consultant firms are located in big offices outside Stockholm, they find an old coffee house in the centre of Stockholm and hire an interior designer that transforms the place. For Savtec everything is about people. They know that a company is nothing without happy employees and happy clients. I really respect them for that.

Name: Savtec

Clients name: Thomas Saveros- founder & CEO

Employees: 14

Revenue: 2 million USD

Located: Stockholm, Sweden


How do you positioning yourself in an industry where it's more difficult to hire people than finding clients? Savtecs founder and CEO knew they had to build an attractive brand and reached out to us.


We wanted to create a brand that was more than a brand. We wanted design their business. During the years we have been working with Savtec we have been a trusted adviser, consultant and designer in everything from designing the business consultant model to brand strategy to brand identity and input to interior design.


Business model


Brand strategy

Brand identity