Lidl Sweden - Sustainability consultant

Lidl Sweden hired me and a Sustainability expert as senior consultants for a period of 10 month 2019. One of our projects was to start and lead the project that got the name Lidl Future Initiative.


If you are an international brand you also have a big environmental impact on the environment. Lidl was determent to do something about it. Lidl Sweden announced 10 million SKR for sustainability projects linked to one of todays major environmental challenges- plastic. Lidl wants to be an active part of the colution and has sought to support projects that for example: be about reducing or avoiding plastic, developing alternative materials or drivning change in consumer behavior. The initiative is possible thanks to a price increase on plastic carrier bags of 50 öre.


The call was open to Universities, non-profit organisations and independent researched institutes until 14/10 2019. The project turned out to be a success with a lot of great projects applying for money. The event where the winners was announced was in December 2019 in Stockholm.


Anneli Hansson- Project manager and expert Sustainability communication

Maria Carty- Project manager and expert Sustainability