Kungsörnen - Brand marketing

Friendlier wheat - the wheat with lower climate and environmental impact

Friendlier wheat enables consumers to easily make a sustainable choice. Since autumn 2015, all wheat flour from Kungsörnen "Friendlier wheat" developed by Lantmännen's new cultivation concept Climate & Nature. Friendlier wheat is the result of cooperation between Lantmännen’s owners and Swedish farmers, dialogue with our customers and extensive research and development.

The challenge

How do you tell this amazing story? You don't just tell it, you need to. show it.

To create awareness about the product but at the same time tell the story. We needed to find the right farmer in the right location to tell this amazing story. Kungsörnen is the product and Lantmännen is the endorser brand that supports the product brand with values, innovation and sustainability.

To create fast awareness and to connect Kungsörnen with the mother brand Lantmännen we knew we needed to use channels to reach a lot of people. The choice became making a TV commercial.



My role:

During my summer holiday in 2017 I got a call from the Corporate Director of Communication at Lantmännen. She asked me to step in as a project manager to lead the work with creating a TV commercial for Kungsörnen and Lantmännen. She knows me and I am a real champion for this brand. To work for Swedish farmers is something i do with pride. My job was to make sure that the story was told in a way that aligned with the brand strategy. After being a key person in building the Lantmännen brand for 4 years i knew every detail in the strategy that needed to be told. I had also been a part of this innovation project from start and knew all the brand benefits.

I was leading the project from start to finish. Thank you Lantmännen for putting your trust in me once again.


Project manager: Anneli Hansson

Advertising agency: NORD DDB

Client: Lantmännen