Gooh - Brand marketing strategy, retail and commercial

Good and healthy food from one of Swedens top chefs

Gooh is a collaboration between Lantmännen and Stefano Catenacci, head chef at the famous restaurant Operakällaren in Stockholm. The common goals was to build a whole new concept in the meal market, based on consumers desire for more healthy, tasty, environmental sustainable meals.

The challenge

How do you tell this innovative story? We wanted to show the unique collaboration between the famous chef and the food industry without making the impression that the food was from a restaurant. But how could we align those worlds and tell the story in an authentic way. We had a brand strategy to start from and I created a brand communication strategy from that. But then the challenge was how to tell that story in the best way. But when you work with one of Swedens most creative brains Eric Ericson... that is not a problem.


Brand Marketing & Communication Strategy

Store concept


Event ideas

My role:

From the start I was hired to develop the Marketing & Communication strategy. I was part in finding the right agency to make the campaign for the brand. We ended up working with an agency that I didn't want to choose and the problems started to show in a couple of weeks. I was asked to taker over the project and together with Eric as the Creative Director we took charge of the project. Eric called his friends at Acne and the production went over all expectations. Thank you Gooh for putting your trust in me and Eric.


Project manager: Anneli Hansson

Creative Director: Eric Ericson

Production agency: Acne

Client: Gooh