Let the mission guide you

July 15, 2020

A clear mission, a reason to exist, is the foundation in a purpose driven brand. It's also where you find the brand story and how you conncect with people who believe what you believe. By telling the story you will not only attract the most talentet employees. The brand will also get it own fanclub, a tribe of their own. And that tribe is far more efficiant than any advertising agency you can imagine. A Mission attracts the right people to your company. Both employees and costumers. It's important for a brand to be sorrounded by people who believes what the brand believes. With a tribe like that they can change the world. As a trusted business and brand consultant you can make this possible by alway start with your clients Why and let that guide the strategy

The younger generation cares more about a companies mission and value than ever before. And it has to be authentic and genuin, not something you made up. A clear mission will attract your tribe, the people that believes what you believe. They will work for you and they will be your clients. So make sure you surround yourself with the right people. I remember what an old manager at a IT-company ones said.

- I always hire for attitude and train for skills".

He might have snatched that from some famous American entrepreneur, but it matters less. I liked the culture I got to be part of. They year was maybe 1996 and I was 22 years old and the words have followed me through the years. that is how you build tribes.