Human-centered branding

August 13, 2020

It's about empathy and understanding

People are just people. It doesn't matter if you work for a B2C or B2B company. People like to do business with people they like and trust. For a brand it's all about finding your people, your tribe. Brands who understands this have a real advantage in a really competitive world.

I always a put in a lot of effort when it comes to understanding my clients costumers and their needs. I do that by doing research and that is the foundation for innovation, strategy, design and communication.

The kind of research i do is for example:

  • Observations studies
  • Empathic research
  • Interviews
  • Costumer journey mapping
  • Costumer journey experience

After this research it's much easier for me and for the client to walk in their shoes and actually create things that solve real problems. Regardless if it's a brand strategy, a product, a service or a communication concept.

Curious on how to do it? Read more about Design thinking and I can also recommend IDEO U and their courses.