Are you looking to grow as a strategist, not just in what you can offer, but also in how you show up? Our online community is the place for you if you are ready to take action, learn together and to get your business running and thriving. We now have 100 more seats open! Welcome and join us!
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Get a sneak peek of what my coaching through our community has to offer in this free 60min live training. I show you the 6 steps to how you can get paid for your thinking by leading with strategy, no matter if you're a designer, videographer, or aspiring brand strategist.

What people say


Martin Lara Urby
Marketer /Strategyst
”I have never felt identified with so many people at the same time and it does not matter if your first language is not English, or if you live in a 3rd world country, everyone is willing to listen to you and contribute with their knowledge and experience. Joining this community has been worth more than dozens of courses I have taken in recent years.”
Magdalena Dutkiewicz
Brand Strategist
”Before joining Anneli’s community, I was doing brand strategy, but not living it. I had no idea what differentiates me from other strategists, what my niche, or why are. I was frustrated that I could design brands for other people, but couldn’t do it for myself. Anneli’s guidance makes me grow personally and business-wise. I love it!”
Abigail Bettina
Brand Strategy & Visual Brand Identity
”This community has connected me with some of the most caring and brilliant people, and has given me the confidence to do my work with depth and heart like never before. This community holds space for everyone to feel seen and heard. Thank you with all my heart!”
Eduardo Alfaro
Graphic & Web Designer
”I have been a designer for the last 20 years, I have my own agency and I have helped create hundreds of brands. Brand strategy has changed the way we understand online business. Learning from Anneli's hand is the impetus that we were missing, this community gives me a space where I can feel heard and continue learning to improve what I deliver to clients. ”


In this community, we'll help you develop your creative business by adding strategy to your offer. We get tactical on how you can build your personal brand to support your business growth. I share my experience with you in terms you can adopt right away. I'm here for you. This is my way to be your guide on the side and walk beside you on your journey.

This community is a safe space to learn, practice, role-play and level-up your skills. We will focus on how you can get paid for your thinking by leading with strategy first – no matter if you're currently offerin web design, videography, brand strategy or identity design. We'll cover things like selling strategy, mindset, facilitation skills, customer research and how to position yourself as a trusted and valuable play maker to your clients. As a community, we create accountability, support and friendship to help you grow.

what is included?

I’m all about co-creation so this community will grow with you. We are agile in trying new things and making sure the content is relevant for the people in it.

This is what is included every month:
  • 2 coaching/masterclass sessions with Anneli
  • 1 guest expert speaker from the creative industry
  • 1 business networking call
And you'll also get access to:
  • Accomplished, action-driven peer community
  • Video library featuring all the calls
  • 1:1 Accountability Brand Buddies
  • Private Online Platform
100 USD/ Month

But that's not all!

To truly make this a no-brainer decision for you, we have added a bunch of bonuses to help with the most common obstacles we see creatives face on their journey of getting paid for their thinking. Let's have a closer look!

7-step introduction to Brand Strategy

  • Understand what brand strategy means and how you can use it as a creative service provider
  • Get introduced to my framework
  • Learn how to facilitate strategy sessions


Kickstart workshop

  • Understand what brand strategy means and how you can use it as a creative service provider
  • Get introduced to my framework
  • Learn how to facilitate strategy sessions

You'll leave with a filled in workbook containing your full gameplan for how you'll ace your business in 2024.


Position your brand

We'll go through:

  • the principles of building your personal and business brand
  • defining your unique personality and x-factor
  • the steps of how to become the go-to person within your niche
  • how to provide value to your audience through content
  • creating a plan for what platforms to be on and what you should talk about


Design and price your offer

Then, once  we know your goals for the year, how you want to show up and for whom, it's time to craft your offer. We'll go through:

  • the techniques behind creating a three-course menu, including an irresistible appetizer that your dream clients can't say no to
  • different pricing strategies to see what model first your business the best in relation to your goals
  • creating a personalised strategy for what you will offer and the value you can provide


Lead gen & selling strategy

And finally, in order to make sure you can take this offer confidently into the world and have your potential clients not only know about it, but be excited as well, we'll tie the knot up by going through:

  • how to craft your own lead magnet
  • creating your customer funnel
  • how to communicate your value to clients
  • the difference between discovery calls, sales calls and strategy sessions (to make sure you're not giving away your thinking for free)
  • how to close a sale by leading with empathy, without feeling sleazy about it

All included!

We have really tried to provide you with the full-package-experienceof getting paid for your thinking. Some of the bonus workshops will be open to public as well, but will then be priced at $200 each. But as part of the community, you'll get a voucher to join in for free!

Join the community
”As an introvert I love the warm and inviting energy in her calls, and even with over 30 people in a call it feels like she gives everyone their time to come out of their shell and realize their true vision, mission and goals.”

Ori Kagan, Videos for Boardgames
”Since implementing Anneli’s brand strategy framework, it has transformed my business. I am now able to provide much more value to my clients by helping them clarify who they are and who they want to serve. I get paid to think and execute.”

Stephanie Jadotte, Brand Strategist, Creative Director
”This community is exactly what I was looking for: a team of creative and innovative brand strategists, led by a senior professional with an incredible experience - all working towards the same goal: to learn and deepen our knowledge to deliver the best for our clients.”

Zsuzsanna Kliszek, Brand & Marketing Strategist


I'm on a mission of helping creatives shine, by teaching and coaching on how to go from order-takers to play makers. So that you can live the life you dream of, while making an impact for the world. we call ourselves Brand Rebels For Good, because we believe that we can help through empathy, kindness and compassion. We use our divergent thinking to solve the problems created by the convergent thinkers of the past. We help the Davids go up against the Goliaths. We root for the underdogs who wants to challenge the status quo. Together we can make the world a better place, one brand at a time. Join the movement!

who is it for?

You probably have a background in design, photography or another visually creative field. Because no matter your creative role today, you are part of building brands. Therefore you need to understand strategy.

But you've been feeling like you're clients undervalue you or treat you as an order-taker rather than an advisor. This means that you are currently only being paid to execute, and not been valued for your strategic thinking.

You're looking to grow your confidence and business around strategy so that you can add strategy to your existing offer or sell it as a stand-alone service.

We welcome:
  • People who want to get paid for their thinking, not just their craft
  • Creatives looking to lead with strategy
  • Aspiring play makers looking for a actionable blueprint to help you double your revenue
Looking forward to hear from you
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$685 / month *6


how does this differ from the COURSES AND PROGRAMS?
The coaching community is a membership group. We don't follow a learning path, and there is no real start or end date as with a course. However, we do have a structure to the calls and the topics we discuss, and we get hands-on with practical application combined with some "masterclass" teaching.
I'm not sure if I should join the community, or one of your courses or programs.
You can do both! The courses and programs are time-bound and focused on learning a particular skill or framework you might need to offer strategy. In the community, we focus on your creative business in which you offer these skills as part of your services. For example, we create a plan for how to find your niche, talk to your audience, have client conversations, create lead magnets, build your personal brand etc. – all focusing on how you can get paid for your thinking.
What skill level should I be at?
Since the community is not primarily focused on your practical skills, but rather your business, it depends primarily on your revenue and business results. We don't have a set limit, but if your current yearly revenue is below $100k, then we can definitely help you. However, if you have a solid business with recurring customers, or where you don't have any issues converting leads to clients and pricing and packaging your offer – then you might be interested in our more advanced Mastermind coaching group instead. Reach out to us at for more info.
How is the Coaching community going to be useful to me?
The community is for you who are looking for accountability, support and coaching on your way to start getting paid for your thinking. We'll provide you with the tools and resources to help you build a solid, scalable foundation for your creative business by leading with strategy. If you are currently feeling a bit overwhelmed in your business, are struggling to find high-paying clients that you enjoy working with, or feel alone and insecure in what you can offer – then joining the group will help you create a plan for how you're going to get back on course and accelerate forward with your business, while feeling confident and supported along the way.
Do I need to show up on camera during the calls?
This is ofcourse up to you, but our goal is to help anyone who feels insecure to show up or speak during our calls to grow your confidence in this area as well. We believe this will be a big part of your personal and professional development, and our community is based on the notion that you should be comfortable and secure in expressing who you are.
I don't feel comfortable speaking in English, will I have trouble during the live calls if we do exercises?
You know what? English is not my first language either. In fact, we have many people who are ESL (who has English as second language) and there is no problem with that. Since our members are spread out across the world, we highly value and cherish your unique background and will help you grow your confidence in English as well.
How much time do I need to allocate for this
We host live calls every week, each are 90min and we host them on two different time-zones (morning and evening CET time). You only need to attend one of them. You can join when time suits you, or watch the replay afterward to not miss out on anything. What you do in between the calls is up to you. You can either have a look at our video and resource library to gather more knowledge and practice, or spend that time to apply what you learn. Our goal is that you'll get your solid ROI even if you only attend and take action based on 1 call per month
WHat is the refund and cancellation policy like?
You can sign up on a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis. As long as you cancel at least 48h prior to the renewal date, we can ensure that you won't be charged for the coming billing period. Your renewal date depends on which date you signed up, so make sure to keep this in mind. Once you cancel your membership, you will have access to all content and calls on the platform until the end of your billing period. Once you cancel, your account and all associated posts will then be removed. We do not offer any refunds in case you cancel your subscription after your renewal date. You cancel yourself in the community platform, or reach out to us at for help.